Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

I love Lisbeth Salander. I love The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - the book by Stieg Larsson, the swedish film with Noomi Rapace, the Fincher film with Rooney Mara. I love them all. This is my take on Lisbeth in a doll made of polymer clay. Her jacket, belt, and shoes are all real upcycled leather (from old pants legs). Of course she has a tiny wasp tattoo on her neck and a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder. BUT, more importantly, she's ready to go with her stun gun in hand.

I debated with myself long and hard about giving her her famous "F you, you f-ing F" T-shirt. I decided against it. It would be cool for a second, but then...

I hope you like the doll as much as I like the character. I love girls who can take care of business.