Friday, November 12, 2010

How to Make a Pirate - pieces and parts

It's alive, it's alive! I sculpted and baked the torso, arms, and feet. Since the oven'son, I curled the doll hair by wrapping it around a knitting needle and baking til dry. Here is the torso and hair, fresh from the oven:

Now - to make the fabric pieces. Why do this? Why not make the doll entirely out of clay? Because I want the doll to be flexible, and move her arms and legs. You CAN make polymer clay dolls with joints, but the clay isn't flexible and breaks under stress. So - fabric shoulders and legs. The arms are attached - a button inside the black shoulder piece is stitched through the doll to another button on the other side. The leg is still open - I just stitched the buttons together from one leg to the other, making the hip joints.

(Like her pirate undies?)

Next stop- undressed doll!

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