Monday, November 8, 2010

Pirate doll 1

pirate doll, pegleg
pirate doll, dagger in mouth
pirate doll pegleg
pirate doll pegleg

A pirate doll with a pegleg! Who doesn't love pirates? I mean, unless they're slaughtering your loved ones. And such a variety of deformities. My first has lost her leg. I also didn't want her to look coquettish or harmless, so I put a dagger in her mouth.

I started with polymer clay and the muslin body. For the face, I made eyeballs out of white clay and baked them, painted, and glossed them before sticking them in Pirate's skull. Her nose is a little ball of clay, and her mouth was made when I shoved in the dagger. It fell out while baking, but a little super glue solves everything,doesn't it?

The dagger's from a piece of sheet metal wrapped in leather, and the pistol in her sash is polymer clay over a thick wire.

The hat is wool felt, blocked on a ping pong ball.
Argh! Love me some woman pirates!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful! I bet she has some awesome moves with that peg leg too.