Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pirate Doll 2 - Red

pirate doll sword
woman pirate doll eyepatch
woman pirate doll
girl pirate doll eyepatch

Doll the - okay, now i lost count but this is one of my faves and my first sale! (Thanks, Sylvia!) Red is a mean buccaneer who doesn't know she's small and weak, and her sword and pistol double-dog dare you to mention it. She's a hard drinker and harder brawler. Argh!

I curled her wild strawberry viscose hair on paper clips. It's as time-consuming as you think - take a small piece, wet it and wrap it around an unbent paper clip. Put in oven and set. Her costume is stitched to her so it fits extra tight. I loved making her baldric and sword from sheet metal, a bead cap, and a filligree bead.

She of course has a nasty scar beneath her eyepatch. She lost her eye taking on five armed opponents. They have no arms now, thanks to Red.

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